Meet the College Board Endorsed Consultant for AP Calculus AB/BC:

Jamil Siddiqui

College Board endorsed consultant for AP Calculus

This session of Calculus AB/BC is offered in Event 3 June 246-27, Monday through Thursday.

Calculus AB is offered in Event 2:June 18-21 Tuesday through Friday


Meet your APSI Consultant for AP Calculus AB/BC

Jamil Siddiqui believes that anyone is capable of succeeding if they are willing to work hard and give their best effort, and he encourages students with varying abilities to be successful in his class. He tells his students their thought process, their effort, and their ability to communicate their ideas are far more important than the final answers they are trying to find. Jamil firmly believes all students can be successful by working hard, improving, and not being afraid to try.

When speaking with Jamil, one can immediately sense his love for mathematics. His advice to teachers has been, “You have to love something. You love your subject, or you have to love your students.” He can often be found after school and on weekends providing extra help to students who may be struggling. These experiences encouraged 15 of his former students to be mathematics teachers.

Outside of school, Jamil has worked closely with Mass Insight Education as a mathematics lead teacher since 2012, and has served as a College Board consultant for AP Calculus since 2014. In 2019 he was selected as the Massachusetts State Teacher of the Year and The Presidential Award winner for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

In 2020 Jamil was elected to the National Teachers Hall of Fame.

Jamil received his bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Boston University and then earned master’s degrees in teaching and pure mathematics, also from Boston University.

Twitter: @jamilsid312

While I do like to leave some flexibility in the schedule in order to cater to participant requests, these are the things you can expect I will cover during our four days together: 

  • Discussion on textbooks, equipment, IDEs, classroom layout, pre-packaged curriculum, extra practice resources, and grading
  • Deep dive into the Curriculum and Exam Description (CED)
  • Tips and tricks for using AP Classroom to raise the bar for all students
  • The development of at least one full unit together with time for you to customize the unit according to your needs An
  • overview of all of the College Board provided labs, with us actually going through and completing at least one from start to finish
  • At least one modeling of a lesson (most likely on the introduction of classes and object oriented programming)
  • Instructional strategies and tools from unplugged activities and warmups to auto-graders and everything in between
  • Mock scoring of at least one free response question
  • Ideas on how to increase the numbers of both females and underrepresented minorities in your classroom
  • And, my soapbox lecture about using real-data to motivate students even when working on trivial assignments.

APSI Online AP Calculus AB/BC Course Description

AP Calculus Course Description AB/BC Calculus is the high school course that brings together all of the previous math courses our students take. 

They will finally get to answer the question, “Why did we learn this?” Unfortunately this will bring a whole new set of challenges to teaching a math course. For the first time a student must remember what they learned not only in the previous chapter, but in the previous courses as well. 

To this end we will be focusing on learning mathematics as a language. Understanding how mathematics works and is connected is far more important than getting an answer that matched an answer key. So much of being successful in AP Calculus comes down to understanding the words and the mathematical notation. If our students are fluent in this language they will be prepared to do well. 

  • This course will assume that the participants have some experience teaching AB/BC Calculus and are interested in focusing on more advanced AB topics and all BC topics 
  • During our time together we will discuss making connections between AB topics and BC topics, pointing out how to set up the BC topics while introducing AB topics earlier in the course. One full day (maybe more) will be dedicates to the idea of series, which is the most tested BC concept. 
  • There is a thread that runs through the AP Calculus course and once we get our students to recognize it, they will start to see how all of Calculus is connected and they will stop memorizing and start understanding. 

2024 Online Walton APSI Event 3 / AP Calculus AB/BC / Jamil Siddiqui

I hope to have you join us this summer!

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