Dolores Gende, College Board endorsed consultant for AP Physics 1

      • This session is offered in Event 3 June 24-27, 2024 Monday through Thursday
      • Dolores Gende has taught science and math in different countries  such as Mexico, Belgium, and the Netherlands Antilles. She has over 35 years of experience teaching all AP physics courses: AP Physics B, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2 and both AP Physics C courses  (Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism).  Dolores is a passionate, innovative educator that believes in  supporting her students’ learning autonomy. She strives for a learner-centered  environment where students actively participate to construct their knowledge and  reflect on their learning process. Dolores has ample experience in inquiry-based  instruction and creative assessment practices. She has been a College Board endorsed  consultant since 2006 and has led workshops across the US and in China. She has  participated at the AP Reading since 2002 in various roles as a Reader, Table Leader and Question Leader. Dolores served as Co-Chair of the AP Physics 1 Development  Committee and continues to write and review questions for AP Physics exams. 


        The goal of the Summer Institute is to help new and experienced teachers develop a  successful AP Physics 1 course.  The Institute will focus on effective instructional methodologies, curriculum resources,  assessment practices and the election and planning of appropriate inquiry-based lab  experiments. A highlight of this Institute will be learning how to create and implement instructional materials to build and/or strengthen the students’ conceptual  understanding of physics principles and science practices as suggested by the latest  physics education research. Laboratory investigations for every major area of the  curriculum framework will be conducted virtually throughout the week. A special session will be devoted to an in-depth analysis of the of the updated curriculum including a focused segment on the topic of Fluids, covering key concepts  through pacing guides, sample questions, engaging demonstrations, and hands-on labs.  The Institute will also include a comprehensive review of the revised AP Physics 1 exam  structure and types of questions, including approaches to preparing the students for  success on the exam.