Meet your Consultant for AP Spanish Literature and Culture: Pablo Elizaga


This session is offered in Event 2: June 18-21, 2024 Tuesday through Friday

This session is also offered in Event 3: June 24-27, 2024, Monday through Thursday.

Since 2011, Pablo Elizaga has taught AP Spanish Literature and Culture at Cristo Rey New York High School, where he has also served as Spanish Department Chair since 2007. Since 2019 he has been working at Packer Collegiate Institute as Spanish teacher. He has been an AP Reader (Language and Literature) for the last 10 years.

Pablo earned his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Education in Argentina in 1996 (ICP) and his Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish as Foreign Language in 2007 (Universidad de Barcelona). He holds a post-graduate diploma in Bilingual Education.

This seminar is designed for new teachers of AP Spanish Literature and Culture. The goal of the seminar is to develop a course that will fulfill the requirements of the audit. In order to do that participants will first familiarize themselves with the content and structure of the exam by taking it at the beginning of the seminar.

After this, participants will focus on those strategies that have been proven to be the most effective ways to teach critical reading and analytical writing; participants will implement these strategies during the seminar.

Equipped with knowledge of the exam and the strategies that allow students to succeed on it, participants will develop units of the course which integrate learning objectives, organizing concepts, essential questions and required readings. These units will be tailored to suit participants’ students, providing them with differentiated instruction that satisfies their needs and develops their potential.

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En algunos seminarios, nos dicen qué es lo que los estudiantes deben aprender, pero no nos dicen cómo lo podemos enseñar, no aquí. Aquí la enseñanza de estrategias es clave. 

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