Meet Dorothy Rich, AP Precalculus Consultant

Dorothy Rich is part of the inaugural class of AP Master Teachers of the Georgia Independent School Association. She graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics and has become a lifelong learner of mathematics. She is currently the Mathematics Department Chair at The Heritage School in Newnan, Georgia where she oversees the math curriculum and teachers for grades PreK-12. Dorothy has taught all levels of math in 5th-12th grades in her 32-year career.  She currently teaches AP Calculus AB, BC, AP Statistics and Precalculus.  Dorothy has worked as an AP Reader in Statistics since 2015 and has also served as an AP Mentor in Statistics in the rural Georgia AP Stem Initiative.  She has a great passion for her students and teaching which is evident by her being a multi-year Star Teacher award recipient.  Dorothy and her husband Jimmy are proud parents of three sons and grandparents of two.

APSI Session Description:

During this AP Precalculus APSI, you’ll explore this exciting new AP course. We will take a deep dive into the course framework, the exam, and the AP resources that will help you plan and focus instruction—and give you feedback throughout the year on the areas where individual students need additional focus. You will leave the workshop with classroom ready resources. You will have opportunities to share with other teachers, practice content, and become comfortable with the depth that is needed to master the AP Precalculus course. By attending this APSI, you’ll gain insight into the following key takeaways, among several others: Understand the Course; Plan the Course; Teach the Course; Assess Student Progress; and Engage as a Member of the AP Community

What you will learn:

Unit 1:Polynomial and Rational Functions
Unit 2: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Unit 3: Trigonometric and Polar Functions
Unit 4: Functions involving Parameters, Vectors, and Matrices
Preparing for the AP Precalculus Exam
Planning for and Running a successful AP Math program at your institution
How you will benefit:
  • Develop an understanding of the new exam and how to best prepare your students
  • Leave with classroom-ready activities and notes in digital forms with keys to use in your class or edit for future use
  • Take part in investigations that encourage thinking and exploration for a deeper understanding of the topics
  • Explore AP Classroom and multiple assessment tools for the classroom
  • Experiment with online tools and calculators to supplement the course
  • Engage with other teachers in planning and developing strategies for teaching
  • Discuss how to make the course accessible to students and where to put the course in your math sequence

New for 2023-24 school year: AP Precalculus

At this APSI, participants will:

  • Explore each section of the course and exam description, including the unit guides, while making connections to the course curricular requirements
  • Begin to develop a course plan by unit and topic that incorporates the full scope of your AP course into your school’s academic calendar
  • Examine formative and summative assessment items to identify content and skill pairings that are the targets of these assessments and create lesson plans to reinforce content and skill connections
  • Practice applying the scoring guidelines from the most recent AP Exam to samples of student work
  • Identify student strengths and weaknesses using data available through AP Classroom and Instructional Planning Reports
  • Explore ready-to-use strategies, instructional materials, and pedagogical tools pertinent to the content and skills required for success in your AP course
  • Develop meaningful connections within the AP community

You’ll explore these AP resources in-depth: Unit Guides, Topic Questions, Progress Checks, Question Bank, Instructional Planning Reports, Syllabus Development Guides, Sample Syllabi, and the AP Community.