Meet the College Board Endorsed Consultant for AP Physics 2, Dr. Jiang Yu

Meet your AP Physics 2 Consultant and read about the APSI Course Description for AP Physics 2 Online!

Jiang Yu, Ph.D., is a professor of physics at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts. Jiang’s involvement with the AP Physics programs began in 1997 when she first led a College Board authorized AP Physics Summer Institute for high school teachers at her home university. Since then, she has led many AP Physics workshops and institutes in the United States and aboard.

Jiang has participated in the AP Physics exam grading since 2000 and has served various leadership roles, including the Chief Reader from 2009 to 2013 and a Chief Reader Associate from 2013 to 2017, for which she worked with the AP Physics Exam Development Committees, set the grading rubric standards, and led the Reading operations. Currently, Jiang also serves as a senior reviewer and curriculum adviser for the College Board AP Physics course audit program.

Whether you are a new or an experienced AP physics teacher, this workshop will provide an opportunity for you to become familiar with the College Board’s algebra/trigonometry-based AP Physics 2 course. You will have the opportunity to meet and share ideas with colleagues who are teaching or planning to teach the course.

Topics may include:

  • 1) an introduction to the Physics 2 course description,
  • 2) a close-look at the recent years’ Physics 2 exam questions,
  • 3) instructional strategies for selected topics,
  • 4) preparing your own syllabus for the course audit, and
  • 5) ideas of labs and other projects.

Throughout the week, sample exam questions and released practice exam questions will be used to help you gain the knowledge and understanding of the new curriculum and its instructional requirements. You will be expected to take active roles in the workshop including familiarizing yourself with the course framework, answering sample exam questions, sharing teaching strategies, designing labs, and developing your own syllabi for the audit as well as for your students.