Jennifer Cook Gregory, College Board Endorsed Consultant for AP Chemistry

Jennifer Cook Gregory has been teaching at the high school level for 27 years, including 24 years teaching AP chemistry. Jen has been involved in the AP Chemistry Reading since 2006, including 8 years as table leader, and 2 years as Question Leader. Jen has also been involved in writing the ACS high school chemistry exam, including one cycle as Secretary, and another as Chairperson.  

Jen has been working as a Consultant for the College Board since 2013.

In addition to having a high school certification in chemistry and mathematics, Jen also has her endorsement to teach K-12 ELL students.

In her spare time, Jen spends time on stage in local community theaters, especially in musicals.

In this four-day APSI for we will explore and practice the skills and content that students will need to be successful in AP Chemistry. Emphasis will be placed on bonding, intermolecular forces, thermodynamics, kinetics, and equilibrium, with the level of detail on each topic dictated by participant needs. 

We will also spend significant time on strategies for helping students “bring it all together”, as the application of the fundamental principles of chemistry is the single biggest skill students need for success. 

Although we will be virtual, we will leverage tools and tricks developed during the pandemic to maximize laboratory time in a virtual environment. Each participant will receive a mini laboratory manual that will cover the majority of experiments needed to be successful in AP Chemistry. Activities are designed to be completed in a 45-50 minute lab period with common chemicals. The brief syllabus below outlines the general themes for our time together. However, our time is by far the most valuable resource we have during our week, and I will poll you to see which areas of content are most important to us as a group, as one week goes very quickly. 

The goal here is for you to leave the week as informed and well-prepared as possible with a broad range of materials that will engage both the new and seasoned teacher. 

Learn how to build the best experience for your students! 

  • Introduction • Beginning with the end in mind – a review of AP Questions Integrating Content and skills
  • Understanding the science practices
  • The role of the CED and the Lab  Content Deep Dive I – Spectroscopy, and Intro Kinetics
  • Exploring the Unit Structure of the CED
  • Representations in Chemistry  Content Deep Dive II: Bonding and IMF
  • Understanding the PPC’s
  • Planning your course 

Content Deep Dive III – Thermodynamics 

Content Deep Dive IV – Kinetics and Mechanisms 

Content Deep Dive V – Basic Equilibrium 

Content Deep Dive VI – Acid Base Equilibrium 

Understanding and Scoring the AP Exam • Reviewing available resources (AP Question Bank, Course Audit, and The Teacher Community)

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