Meet the College Board Endorsed Consultant for AP Biology, Dr. Pamela Close 

Event 2 June 18-21 Tuesday through Friday

Dr. Pamela Close earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Drake University and spent her early career years working in human clinical cytogenetic and medical diagnostic laboratories. Pam went on to earn a Ph.D. in Genetics from Iowa State University and conducted post-doctoral research in maize molecular biology and plant genetics at the University of Missouri. 

Pam taught AP Biology students in Columbia, MO for 24 years, served as independent science research advisor, and instructed other courses including introductory biology, microbiology, and AP Capstone Seminar/Research.

She is active in the National Biology Teacher Association and was awarded the NABT Outstanding Biology Teacher for Missouri. Pam has been an AP reader/leader for over 22 years and is an AP Biology Consultant for the College Board, presenting AP Biology and Quantitative Skills for AP Biology training workshops and Summer Institutes.

She currently serves as a Teacher Ambassador for HHMI BioInteractive, and has presented at multiple state and national conferences including NABT and NSTA. She is passionate about biology, and is always excited to have opportunity to share and learn alongside fellow AP biology teachers.  

Workshop Instructor Email for participant correspondence:  

APSI Session for AP Biology:

This APSI Biology workshop is designed for both new and experienced AP Biology teachers. We will explore the updated AP Biology curricular expectations and exciting new online interactive resources. We will delve into the realigned Learning Objectives, along with the Enduring Understanding, Essential Knowledge, and Science Practice elements of the AP Biology curriculum using a participant-centered, interactive modeling, and cooperative dialogue approach.  We will spend our days engaged with biology content, statistical analysis, and science practices.  Session activities include exploring options for AP Biology lab experiences, modeling instructional strategies, individualized course calendar and lesson planning, help with syllabus development, robust discussions of AP Biology pedagogy, formative and summative assessment strategies including end of course exam preparation, and sharing ideas to provide equitable and accessible classrooms for all of our students.

Come join our AP Biology learning community this week.  

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Explore the AP Biology curricular requirements in the Course and Exam Description (CED) and review the latest updates. 
  • Discuss examples of how the online resources on AP Classroom and AP Daily can be utilized to develop each student skill and practice throughout the year 
  • Identify and explore various instructional strategies, tools, and resources to use in daily lesson planning
  • Develop an instructional plan by Unit and Topic for your academic calendar 
  • Evaluate AP Biology lab protocols and inquiry objectives, and develop a plan for experiments that are tailored to your course, lab equipment and budget. 
  • Examine Free-Response Question prompts and scoring guidelines and share assessment strategies to build student confidence and performance skills. 
  • Learn to use the post-exam Instructional Planning Report (IPR) to identify student strengths and weaknesses and implications on instruction 
  • Explore ways to create an AP Biology classroom that is accessible and equitable. 
  • Begin to develop an AP Biology syllabus for your course. 
  • Tap into the wealth of shared knowledge in the AP Biology Community at large