Meet the College Board Endorsed Consultant for AP Physics 2, Jim Vander Weide

Jim Vander Weide is a Physics teacher at Hudsonville High School in Hudsonville, MI and has been teaching for over 25  years.  He has served as an AP Reader (AP Physics test grader) from 2004-2017, was a Table Leader (in charge of a group  of readers) from 2009-2014, and a Question Leader (in charge of several Table Leaders and their teams) from 2015-2017  and for the 2020 online reading.  In addition, Jim was a member of the AP Physics C Test Development Committee from  2011-2014 and is currently writing questions for the 2026 AP Physics C: Mechanics exams.  He has participated in  reviewing modules for the College Board, writing labs for the current lab manual that is available through the College  Board, and recorded some of the AP Daily videos available in AP Classroom.  In addition, he has worked with the College  Board articulating the AP Physics C curriculum and was a member of the Instructional Design Team for Physics 1, which  helped develop the Physics 1 Workbook that was released in 2019. Jim was also involved with NMSI (National Math and
Science Initiative) where he ran student study sessions, teacher training sessions, and reviewed materials for the NMSI  workshops. He also helped develop a 3-week course for the NYC Summer Enrichment Program through NMSI. From  2020 to 2022 Jim was involved with developing physics lessons for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality offered  through the company Holopundits, Inc. Jim earned his Master’s in Physics Education in 2002 with an emphasis in Physics  Education Research (PER) and since then has been working to improve his inquiry-based teaching style.