Meet your APSI Consultant for AP Environmental Science: Scott Cole

College Board endorsed consultant for AP Environmental Science

    • This session is offered as In-Person WaltonAPSI Event 1 June 18-21, 2024 Tuesday through Friday

Scott Cole is a College Board consultant in AP Environmental Science and hosted four APSIs during the summer of 2020, his first as an AP Consultant. He has been a science teacher for 19 years since his graduation from East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Education. After spending 6 years teaching mostly biology and environmental science, his focus shifted to AP Environmental Science, where he taught it for 9 years at Alpharetta (GA) High School and is currently in his sixth year at Forsyth Central (GA) High School. For the last 9 years, he has worked as an AP Environmental Science reader, the last two of which were as a Table Leader and has also hosted AP Regional workshops across the state of Georgia.

APSI Course Description for AP Environmental Science

During this APSI session you’ll explore the course framework, the exam, and the new AP resources that will help you plan and focus instruction—and give you feedback throughout the year on the areas where individual students need additional focus. You’ll also learn about completing the digital activation process at the start of the school year that will give you immediate access to the new resources and will help ensure that your students can register for AP Exams by the new fall deadlines.

By attending this APSI, you’ll gain deeper insight into the following key takeaways, among several others:

  • Understand the Course;
  • Plan the Course
  • Teach the Course
  • Assess Student Progress
  • Engage as a Member of the AP Community

In addition, specific attention will be paid to the following AP Classroom resources:

  • unit guides
  • personal progress checks
  • AP teacher community
  • AP question bank

What teachers had to say about this session:

“Scott Cole did a great job explaining how we can best help our students learn the course information and make their best score on the AP Test. I feel much more confident about teaching the course for the first time and have a large amount of resources to use.” APSI 2020

“Mr. Scott has been very effective in giving a good sense of weightage of different units, how to pace it all and highlighting several misconceptions of students that have been identified and how to clarify on those lines. He also put us into breakout groups to give us the experience of scoring FRQs with rubrics and then discussing against how it was scored. Within the given limits of remote learning option, he was able to instill the required level of confidence in us to handle the course doing justice for our students to come. We received the materials ahead of time and we were receiving emails to keep us informed and we also had an optional pre-session to ensure that we had everything in place with login and access issues. Thank you.” APSI 2020

“I thought it was an effective training and it was fun. I got a lot of resources and guidance, so I would recommend this course. Scott was wonderful.” APSI 2020

“He also gave us some planning time to work in groups or by ourselves to plan at least for a month ahead and I have made my pacing guide and a draft of the plan for the first two units. Now that I have all these resources, I can also work on planning and getting organized personalizing the strategies learned.” APSI 2020