College Board Endorsed Consultant for AP World History Modern Patrick Whelan 

This session is Event 3: June 24-27, Monday through Thursday.

This session is also offered in Event 2: June 18-21 Tuesday through Friday

Meet your APSI Consultant for AP World History: Modern – New Patrick Whelan is the Social Studies Department chair for Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School in Bradenton, Florida and teaches World History and AP World History. He has been on the leadership team at the AP World History readings and serves as a College Board institute and workshop consultant for AP World History. He also has contributed curriculum materials for the College Board AP Insight Program and the AP World History Teaching and Assessing Modules. He is a graduate of Yale University.

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APSI Course Description for AP World History: Modern 

This Advanced Placement Summer Institute will focus on the AP World History: Modern course and how to adapt to the recent changes in the scope of the course. The focus of the activities will be on classroom application especially as we navigate the new framework of the Course and Exam Description. During the week, we will work on both the conceptual underpinnings of this incredibly rich and complex course and actual lesson plans that can be adapted for the classrooms. Patrick Whelan will share an insider’s view of how the essays for AP history are scored. Overall this AP World History: Modern session will strive to create a collegial environment in which the practical needs of teachers designing their new course will be met. Walton AP Summer Institutes are well known as providing the best professional development experience for AP teachers no matter what their experience. Many teachers return to the Walton APSI for updated trainings over and over again because of the quality of their experiences. Patrick Whelan is one of the most experienced and well respected AP World History: Modern consultants for both face-to-face and online summer institutes. Comments from participants in Patrick Whelan’s Walton AP World History: Modern institute that was held virtually in June 2019:

  • “This institute has provided me the ability to move forward with confidence while planning my course.  I feel as though Patrick is providing tools that will help me to find success.”
  • “The various screencasts are awesome.  Most are relatively short so the ability to manage home obligations is extremely appreciated.  Information is very clear and direct.  I never feel as though I’m confused by the discussion. I am so delighted to have an understanding of how to use the CED as a tool.”
  • “While all of this institute has been helpful, Patrick’s specific details and explanation has been most helpful. I needed help with in class instruction the most.”
  • “I have found the collaboration with other novice and experienced AP World History teachers to be invaluable.”
  • “Patrick is so informative and interesting. His breadth of knowledge is vast. I have really enjoyed going through the curriculum piece by piece which I feel has been at an appropriate pace for learning and understanding.”

AP World History Tentative Agenda:

Day One

  • World History as a discipline
  • The false conflict between content versus skills
  • Components of the AP exam
  • The redesign and rethinking historical periodization
  • Historical Thinking Skills and the course
  • Equity and access
  • Textbooks

Day Two

  • Sourcing and using primary documents
  • Secondary source interpretations
  • Teaching using causation and contextualization

Day Three

  • Writing and scoring the document based question
  • Lessons on difficult topics
  • Building arguments
  • Formative assessments
  • AP Audit

Day 4

  • Sequencing the course
  • Recommended materials
  • Instructional strategies
  • Evaluations