Matthew Johnson

College Board Endorsed Consultant for AP US History

Meet your Consultant:  Matt Johnson began his teaching career at North Central High School in Spokane, Washington in 1999. He graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in Social Science education and a minor in English. He later continued his studies at Eastern and earned his Master of Arts in history.

He is a National Board Certified Teacher who currently teaches AP US History and 12th grade AVID. In addition to teaching, Matt presently serves as the department chair for Social Studies and AVID Coordinator.

While in high school Matt was a student of AP US History and always wanted to teach the course recognizing that a passionate teacher can truly motivate kids to love the American story. He has now taught AP US for several years and serves as a Table Leader at the AP US History Reading.

With a passion for helping underserved students achieve success in high school and beyond, Matt was recently selected to serve as a consultant for the new “Equity in AP” workshops launched by the College board in 2021.