AP Chemistry

Don Gribbons  is a twenty-five years veteran teacher of Advanced Placement Chemistry. For the past two decades, he has offered both multiple day and weeklong workshops nationally and internationally.  Don is a member of the newly established National Faculty for the College Board Pre-AP Initiative. He currently is part of the College Board Team developing the Pre-AP Chemistry APSI. Don was honored by Stanford University in receiving the Frederick Terman Award for his contributions to the science education of high school students. In addition to his teaching duties, he has served as a mentor to numerous chemistry teachers and as a mentor to other College Board Consultants. Don has led both the Inquiry and Chemistry one-day workshops at the National AP Convention. Having served as a cross-country and track coach for the past thirty plus years, he is an Inducted Member of the Massachusetts Track Coaches’ Hall of Fame.

APSI Course Description for AP Chemistry: This four-day summer AP® Chemistry institute is designed to meet the needs of both Beginning and Experienced AP Chemistry teachers.  Course sequencing, pacing, testing & homework design, grading, lab selections, and AP test preparation will be covered in depth. This will allow both new and experienced AP Chemistry teachers to set up and conduct a quality course with confidence of increased student success. Particular emphasis will be placed on Inquiry Lab activities that can fit into a 40 plus minute class period, as well as, how to successfully modify the AP curriculum for more challenging academic populations. The new teaching resources that have been released by the College Board for the 2019-2020 will be examined.

The impact of the curriculum and exam changes from the 2013/2014 academic year will also be discussed, along with the AP’s shift towards an Inquiry Based lab curriculum.  Having an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other chemistry teachers through day-to-day activities, demos, projects, and class management strategies always results in an enjoyable week and a positive experience.