Welcome to the 2022 Walton APSI.

All sessions will use Canvas as the LMS for documents, attendance, file sharing, etc. and Zoom for Synchronous sessions.

  • When you logon each day you will arrive at your classroom.
  • The title of your course will appear at the top.
  • You’ll see buttons as hyperlinks.
          • Daily Attendance: The first thing you do when you reach your classroom is sign-in on the Attendance Form.
          • Zoom: click on the Zoom link to attend synchronous sessions. Your consultant must initiate the session, then you
          • Modules: the CED, General Resources, Agendas, Meet Your Consultant, Consultant Resources, etc. are located in Modules (it serves as a file cabinet for all docs)
          • Daily Schedule: Here you’ll find a tentative daily schedule or one your consultant has uploaded.