AP United States Government & Politics

Joseph Stewart, AP US Government & Politics Consultant

Joseph Stewart, Jr., Professor of Political Science at Clemson University has taught the course at numerous universities, served as the “Chief Reader” for the AP® Government & Politics exam from 1999-2003, participated in some way in every exam reading from 1994-2015, and returned there in 2019 to learn the nuances on the redesigned course. He is the embodiment of the “old dog/new trick” theory. Stewart has led or participated in numerous AP® Teachers’ Institutes and Workshops all over the U.S. Related to those efforts, he received an AP® Special Recognition Award from the Southwestern Regional Office of the College Board in 2000. Stewart also works with teachers in the “We The People (WTP)” and “Project Citizen” programs. He has judged “We The People” state finals from New Mexico to the Carolinas, and the national competition in Washington, DC, and assisted in leading “WTP” and “Project Citizen” Summer Institutes. When NAEP Civics is not being canceled, Stewart serves on the NAEP Civics Standing Committee. Stewart is the Past President of the Southwestern Political Science Association, Southwestern Social Science Association, and Vice-President of the Southern Political Science Association. He received the Southwestern Social Sciences Association Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Service to the Social Sciences in 2015.